Experience a new way of life, joy and fun in a Pilates lesson


Your general overall health is always a balance of body and mind, and rarely one and not the other. Your inner strength is just as dependent on your mental as your physical capacity and determines your well being in your day today life.

In this sense the benefits of pilates are rather straight forward a healthy body alignment, awareness of posture and strength support us in our daily life.


Pilates can be applied to your individual physical needs whether you are suffering from the restrictions of an illness or on your way to rehabilitation. Pilates exercises facilitate your bodily awareness and therefore enable you to target specific areas of your body strength and flexibility to maintain and further your wellbeing or enhance you performance as an athlete.



We offer our clients classical pilates on mat and classical equipment, depending on your intentions these can be as individual 1-1 Tuitions, duets or in small group classes .


Our international Teachers also offer a variety of approaches extend beyond classical pilates reflecting on their individual backgrounds and training;

  • Providing specialist exercises to support you during and after pregnancy,

  • Our Master teacher in Scolio-Pilates specialising in alignment if you are suffering from scoliosis

  • targeted individual physical strengthening during and after rehabilitation from restrictions due to illness or surgery

  • Enhancing flexibility and posture and balance with Ballelates

  • focused Training techniques for Sports and Athletes



Our studio is equipped with a variety of classic equipment, from the Cadillac, Reformer, Tower to the small Barrel, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector and many more.

If you are Interested in teaching at ProPilates please don't hesitate to contact us. 



“It has long been my vision to provide carefully selected trainee instructors from various programmes with a stress free platform to work the practical hours needed to complete their training. Having a good start is vital to being comfortable in the teaching mode. It also attracts a clientele which grows with the trainer and becomes a secure base for the future. We work as a family and a new member is always welcome.”      Janine Rensch - JR Propilates

Contact us for more information via email info@jrpropilates.ch

If you are interested please fill out the trainee application.