Infinity Movement is more than the usual Pilates teacher training program.


What, Why and How

What do we do ?

  • Classical Pilates training

  • Contemporary Pilates training

  • Teach how to see the person behind the move

  • Teach the why behind the what

  • Teach how words and mindset affect movement

  • Expand our knowledge by looking to other fields

  • Integrative training

Why do we do it ?

  • A strong passion for people’s overall health and wellbeing

  • A desire to improve the level of trainers in the industry

  • To bring together training from different modalities

  • A love of movement and people being the healthiest they can be

  • A love of sharing knowledge and helping trainers grow

  • A love of learning, we all learn from each other

  • We care;  for ourselves, each other, our clients, our trainees so that we know we are motivating and inspiring the next generation of teachers to also care, to be continual learners and to be part of bringing optimal health to people.

How we do it ?

  • By looking beyond the “moves” and going deeper into the being, the person in front of us

  • Teaching the essence of the move 

  • Adapting moves to each unique person

  • By seeing the body and using words to have the greatest effect

  • Manual cueing to give that ‘little extra’ that often makes the biggest impact

  • Offering you other possibilities, different options, expanding our approach to movement


We work with our three guiding principles

that all are connected and are an integral part of each other

 Mind – Body – Spirit


Your Journey

  • Pre course reading hours 

  • Total course hours    

  • Personal self practise  

  • Observation hours online  

  • Observation hours in studio  

  • Lead Classes (any studio)  

  • Case Study with teaching hours  

  • Group teaching hours min 3 people  

  • Mentoring Hours  

  • Mock + Final Practical and Written exam

      Total hours for mat accreditation :   







(1:1)  15



175 hours


About us


Striving for excellence in movement and teacher training.

Ana Pernas


To pass on our knowledge and experience

to the next generations.


Through integrating modalities, we provide a global education

that produces the best Pilates teachers in the industry.

Lisa Jones


Join us

You may attend all the days individually. To certify yourself as a Pilates Mat Teacher you must complete all the days listed below.

August 2020​

Friday 21st.                       


9:00am  – 1:00pm

CHF 250

Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd            


9:00am  – 4:00pm

CHF 350/day

What you will learn:


• Pilates Principles

• IM Principles

• Foundation moves

• Basics of a class

What you will learn:


• Mat work exercises to Intermediate

• How to modify

• Practise teaching

Pilates Principles                       


Pilates Beginner & Intermediate Mat             


September 2020​

Sat 5th, Sun 6th                       

9:00am  – 4:00pm

CHF 350/day 

What you will learn:


• Manual cueing

• Importance of verbal cues

• How to correct

Movement and Teaching Skills                        


October - November 2020​

Sat 3rd, Sun 4th                


9:00am  – 4:00pm

CHF 300/day


Fr 30th, Sat 31st, Sun 1st            


9:00am  – 4:00pm

CHF 350/day

What you will learn:


• How muscles are made

• Major muscle groups and function

• What fascia is

• What moves us


What you will learn:


• All the mat work exercises

• Flow of a class

• Transitions






Advance Mat & Movement and Teaching Skills            




To register for any day, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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