Guy’s aim is to share with every client the fascination of what the human body can achieve with a positive mental attitude and dedication to learn.


He was born in Manchester, England and has worked as Personal Trainer for over 20 years. After completing his Masters in Sport and Exercise Science in 2003 at Canterbury Christ Church University College (UK) he moved to Switzerland and married his girlfriend Piera.

Training is Guy’s absolute passion motivating him in the continuous pursuit of physical excellence. Coming to Pilates from a rugby, bodybuilding and powerlifting background, he was inspired by his wife`s Pilates shape changing experience after the birth of their first son. This led him to pursue a range of teacher training courses including Polestar® mat and Studio.

Through in-depth exploration of training methods Guy has moulded his body over the years from the bodybuilder to powerlifter, swimmer and marathon runner to the yogi and his present Pilates physique. He is looking forward to keep on learning from the wealth of experience in the team around him.

Guy shares a connection with Joseph Pilates through the exploration of different training methods helping him to overcome health issues and obstacles in his own life. Moreover, he has developed perseverance enabling him to continue until his aim is reached.

Guy brings his Personal Training experience to the Pilates Mat. Have fun and get motivated while perfecting your Pilates body. For more contact Guy directly

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