Heather Steele

Heather Steele was born in the UK and grew up in the Yorkshire Dales.  From a young age the beauty of the rolling countryside awoke what is now a lifelong passion to be outside and enjoy a healthy life.

 Heather continues to pursue an international business career and is currently a HR Leader in a global Swiss company. For 16 years, home is Zurich just a short walking distance from the Studio. In 2020, Heather also became a certified executive coach with the AOEC.

 Practicing Pilates for over 5 years and 3 years with Julie Selwood, Heather is halfway through Julie’s teacher training program and expects to graduate by the end of 2021.  With Pilates she has found a movement and strength practice which can now accompany her through whatever joys and challenges are thrown her way! 

With the combination of Pilates and Coaching, Heather’s passion is to explore and deepen her practice and understanding of “a uniformly developed body and sound mind” 
Joseph Pilates, 1945.

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