Maria Earle  Master Class & Guest Teaching

7th  -  8th of February 2020 

Exploring Side Bending for Happy Healthy Spines

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MASTER CLASS Exploring Side Bending For Healthy Happy Spines

In this special 1.5 hour Pilates mat class we will explore Pilates exercises and movement protocols that will improve your range of motion and flexibility in your lateral (side bending) movement. Lateral flexion of the spine is not only great for general back health and strengthening your core but also stimulates the organs and helps to facilitate healthy respiratory function. This mat class is appropriate for Pilates enthusiasts as well as Pilates teachers. All levels are welcome.

Maria Earle - short biography


Maria completed the comprehensive Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center (Colorado, USA) in 1997 followed by an old-school mentorship with Kathleen Stanford Grant - a protégé of Mr. Pilates - for thirteen years in New York City (1997-2010).

A Second Generation master teacher with over 20 years of international teaching experience, Maria is dedicated to honoring and empowering your journey toward personal growth and well-being; she will facilitate ease, con- fidence and inspire a sense of possibility in your movement practice. 

Maria lives in Barcelona, Spain with her family.


Friday 7th of February  :

Private/Duet Training   from 14:00 to17:00     CHF140/90

Mat Class                      at 18:30 to19:30     CHF  35

Please fill out the contact form below if you wish to have a private or duet with Maria.

Saturday 8th of February :

10:00 - 11:30    

12:30  -  13:30   

14:00  -  15:00  


15:30  -  16:30 


17:00  -  18:00 

Master Class:

Exploring Side Bending for Happy Healthy Spines  


Chair Class  


Tower Class       full


Reformer Class  

Circuit Class (Mat, Tower, Reformer, Chair)

       CHF 65


       CHF 50


       CHF 50


       CHF 50

       CHF 50

There is only a limited amount of spaces in the different classes please reserve your space upon application. Prices are per person.

Terms and Conditions

Registration Policy


Registration will be confirmed on receipt of the course costs. Bank details or online payment will be supplied on application. The balance must be paid 14 days before the course date.


Cancellation Policy


Cancellation before 7 days in advance you will receive your money back. On cancellation within 7 days of the course date, the participant will be liable for 100 % of the course cost.


Application Form

There is only a limited amount of spaces in the different classes please reserve your space below.

Prices are per person. 

Please be aware that prices are without VAT / MwSt. This will be included in your invoice!

Please Choose the Classes you would like to attend:

If you wish to have a Private Lesson with Maria Earle on the 24th of May please write us a short message with the time that would suite you best.

Privates / Duets from 14:00 till 17:00  are still available.

Bank details will be supplied with the registration email. 

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