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New Studio Regulation

Due to the high demand to be able to resume normal operations and still offer the possible protection against the Covid-19 virus, we have introduced a mask obligation in our studio from 31.08.20. Instructors and clients must wear a mask. The situation in Zurich is still critical and we are doing our best to ensure that everyone in our studio can feel safe and healthy. 

The studio provides masks if required.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you in the studio. 

We are delighted to host the first Infinity Movement Pilates Teacher Training by Ana Pernas and Lisa Jones

"Our training is divided into sections, some open to all, some to those who are already teachers or who are on the teaching path.​" 

The courses are held in english.

Pilates Principles 

We begin with Pilates Principles, the guidelines that Pilates taught by and are to be kept in mind as we move through each exercise.  We then start with the foundation movements – the what to move, what to keep still and how to start to put together a simple class.

Teaching and Movement Skills

We take a deeper look at what it means to be a teacher and the movements themselves.  How to move from the inside out and gain a more sensed approach to movement, adding in transitions and creating a seamless flow.

Anatomy for Movement

We dive deep into the body and how it all connects. From neurological to the musculoskeletal system including the mind, nerves, organs as well as how bones, muscles, tissues and fascia are integrated and work together to enable movement and create wellbeing.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Movements

With a strong foundation, all movement looks effortless. We progress through levels, layering the exercises and adding to your repertoire so all movements are achievable.

The New Year is often a great time to embrace new challenges.

These goals not only have a positive influence on ourselves, but help chase away the greyness of winter. At ProPilates, we want to focus on the well-being of our physical bodies, as well as our environment. Therefore, we’ve challenged ourselves this winter to go “green” at the studio and make changes that will reduce our environmental impact. 

To do this, we will be improving our studio’s amenities through new products that are eco-friendly or made locally.  Instead of using disposal paper towels to clean the studio equipment and in the changing rooms, we will now provide cloth towels made by Solwang, a Danish company that produces high-quality, eco-friendly textiles.

We have already successfully started this transition in Studio I and found that it has significantly reduced waste with little impact on our energy use. Within the next weeks, we plan to implement this change throughout the entire studio.


In addition, we will be installing BTW water filtration systems in the studios, which will allow us to eliminate single-use plastic bottles for drinking water. Switzerland already has excellent tap water and this system will make it even more superior, in both still and sparkling. Furthermore, this special filtration system enhances the water by adding magnesium, which is an important mineral for muscle function and athletic performance. To help introduce this transition, we are giving our clients Swiss-made Sigg Hot & Cold thermal bottles this Christmas.  


We welcome everyone to help us make our changes successful by bringing their reusable bottle to keep hydrated during class and even take a drink “to go” afterward.  

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