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Studio Regulation

From Monday, 13th of September 2021, indoor sports activities will be subject to mandatory COVID certification. 

This measure, decided by the Federal Council, is intended to prevent overloading of hospitals and renewed closures of operations.


According to the BASPO, independent yoga and Pilates studios are exempt from the certificate requirement. 


The BOSPO writes: "The training offers must be carried out in consistent groups, each in separate rooms. 

The maximum number of people per group is 30 (including leaders). In addition, the protection concept still applies and effective ventilation must be available. "


There are no more than 8 people in any of our permanent groups (mat and apparatus group). 

Our groups also do not take place at the same time and are spatially separated from private classes / duets.


Therefore all classes can be attended with or without Covid certificate!


No mask is required for sports activities, you may still wear one if you feel safer. 

However, it is compulsory to wear a Mask in the other rooms, such as cloakroom, WC, entrance area, etc. until you start your hour.


Of course we will keep an eye on the situation. Depending on the situation, we may reintroduce a mask requirement. 

All new clients are obliged to show a valid certificate in this period from the 13th of September 2021 to the 24th of January 2022.


We are aware that the compulsory certificate will once again pose a great challenge to our society. 

It is all the more important that we all treat each other with tolerance and understanding.

We have revised and adapted our protection concept. 


ProPilates will continue to monitor the current situation and act accordingly to ensure safety in the studio.  


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