Pilates promotes and strengthens your health, fitness and well-being through holistic, targeted physical training.

ProPilates studio is Zurich's largest and best equipped Pilates studio for classical Pilates. Our highly qualified instructors teach exclusively according to the method of the founder Josef Pilates.


«After ten times you feel the difference, after twenty times you see the difference and after thirty times you have a new body!» Joseph Hubert Pilates

The Pilates instructors at ProPilates Studio Zurich lead you to perceive your body holistically and to keep it strong, flexible and fit in the long term. The Pilates method is a demanding and varied full-body workout in which you learn, train and experience in a playful way how your body and mind remain in harmony throughout your life.


Our two Pilates studios in Zurich Seefeld

STUDIO I is a light, airy and tranquil space where we offer personalised private tuition ensuring maximum benefit is gained through breathing, centering,control, fluidity and precision and that personal goals are met.

STUDIO II is a vibrant space with a cool industrial feel where we offer small group classes with a maximum of four clients for Tower and Reformer and a maximum of six for Chair, Orbit, mat and TRX . We also offer Core Align, Guillotine and Ballet Barre.