What we can offer you


We have a large and experienced team of self employed teachers who enrich the studio with their individual interpretations and applications of the Pilates method . 

Pilates maintains not only physical health but also the mental strength we need to control our daily stress levels. 

«A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.»

Joseph Hubert Pilates

Our studio is fully Equipped with Joseph Pilates Classical Equipment, designed by him to develop the skills necessary to perform the goal exercises of the matwork precisely described in his book, Return to Life.




Equipment group 


Add on Mat by KRN


Private Lesson

Comprehensive professional pilates training in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Private sessions are tailor made to your individual needs and goals. 

As our teachers come with a wealth of experience from different backgrounds we are able to offer a variety of goal orientated training.

Pilates for; musicians, scoliosis, pregnancy, athletes, dancers, healthy ageing, ...


We offer trial sessions to introduce you to the method and the studio and are happy to share our knowledge and experience. 

Pilates is for everyone and everyone is welcome.


Duration 55 min.

Private trainings are by appointment only.


Duet Lesson

It is fun to train with a friend or colleague even if your needs are different. These hours are designed to be flexible and suit both participants.

Duration 55 min.

Duets by appointment only


Group Classes


Equipment Group Lesson

Joseph Pilates designed his equipment for a reason.

In addition to the mat exercises and small equipment, we use:

  • Wunda Chairs to build strength

  • Barrels and spine correctors to open our bodies counteracting the effects of desk work and ageing

  • Towers to gain length, strength and alignment

  • Reformers to build the mat

  • Baby/Arm Chairs to develop 'lift'

We offer open groups and also encourage clients to form their own groups with friends at times which suit them best.

Duration 55 min.

Group classes are on equipment with a max. of 4 participants

Classes must be booked in advance through our booking system.

Please contact us directly to schedule your own group.

If you are new to the Pilates equipment, it is essential to have an introductory lesson prior to joining a group.


Classes are offered in english and german.


Mat Group Classes

Our mat classes are open to all ages and abilities.

Duration 55 min.

Mat classes have a max. of 8 participants

Classes must be booked in advance through our booking system.

Classes are offered in english and german.


        ADD ON MAT by 

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Add on Mat® is a fun and challenging follow on class designed by Kathi Ross Nash. Every transition is an exercise and it all leads back to the Hundred!

In 2022 Janine graduated from the KRN Red Thread Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training programme. She continues to deepen her knowledge working with Kathi Ross Nash personally and is proud to present this class.

This class is taught in english.

Duration approx 30 min

KRN and Janine Rensch