Born in France, Rachel has long been fascinated by the human body and the important role of body awareness in both our physical and mental lives. Since discovering Pilates training in 2009, she has been able to enhance her own level of performance and endurance significantly. 

As a professional violinist, she quickly realized that the Pilates Method could be a perfect form of complementary training for orchestra musicians, seeking to strengthen their physical awareness, resolving tension and obtaining healthy muscles. 

Every person depends on a healthy body, a correct posture and a disciplined mind.

After earning her Matwork diploma by the Pilates Institution, she continued her training with Ann McMillan and obtained her diploma for Pilates Equipment from FitsPro.

Rachel has been teaching in Zurich and Luzern since 2017. She offers classic Pilates coaching as well as a special Pilates courses for musicians and for pregnant women in German, English and French. 

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